Safety Reporting

Take an active part in ensuring safety at Pristina International Airport – Adem Jashari (PRN). Report safety related events to LKIA Aviation Safety Management Unit. If you have noticed or you were part of an event which could have affected operational safety at Pristina International Airport – Adem Jashari, you are encouraged to report it to the Aviation Safety Management unit.

By reporting, you will contribute to a better safety performance of our teams here at PRN airport and also help us understand and thus investigate and further mitigate all potential safety hazards and risks at PRN airport. Your concerns will be handled by Aviation Safety Management unit and all information you provide will remain confidential.

Please click here to download the Safety Policy

On the following form, please fill in the boxes applicable to the situation you wish to report. Please also provide a meaningful title for your report. We would like to thank you for the report you have submitted and helping us to improve safety performance at Pristina International Airport – Adem Jashari.

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