Social Responsibility

From the very beginning and the actual establishment of Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC, alongside daily business activities, the Airport managed to be a part of the community by being socially responsible. The focus was to represent and implement a social responsibility program targeting youth in Kosovo and other sectors, by offering solutions to daily problems and improving the daily life of the target group.

LKIA Corporate Social Responsibility develops the best set of social, environmental, and commercial practices and contributes to local economic development.

These past few years have been filled with achievements in social corporate responsibility. Our vision was achieved beyond comparison by supporting various youth, education and sports activities through different projects.

As an emerging economy, Kosovo has many opportunities and the growth of aviation is triggering revenues into the country. As part of the infrastructural developments in the Republic of Kosovo, the building and the opening of the new airport, its only international gateway, has been deemed the second most significant day in the history of Kosovo since it became an autonomous nation. In the eyes of Kosovans, it serves as a prominent symbol of its newfound liberty, of new freedoms, and of the prosperous future for the dynamic young state.

With it programs, the Airport has created a sustainable impact on a number of sectors in Kosovo with main emphasis on the economic and culture development. Maintaining strong relations with the third parties, stakeholders and the target group has led to great results and achievements for both, the society and the Airport itself.

Our aim is focused on supporting the community, building an organizational culture towards positive results, showing that we are not only a business entity, but also a part of the community we operate in. Not only we are accountable but also, we share the responsibility to shareholders with regards to the value of society across the organization and community.

Numerous socially responsible projects have been developed these pasts few years including Limak Airport Services Institute, the Children’s Day event, the Earth’s Day project, visits of children from elementary schools etc.

Limak Airport Services Institute

Limak Aviation Services Institute is a demand driven corporate social program developed by Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC, that helps the increase of the students’ professional and academic capacities and supports them in building their future career and finding employment, by offering professionally accredited extracurricular training programs in the field of airport management. It is established within Limak Koso¬vo International Airport JSC to support the best students of University of Prishtina, to create the prospect of being a part of one of the most successful companies in Kosovo and encourage the youth that success is created solely from educational efforts and self-commitment.

Donations and Sponsorships:

● Dokufest
● Prishtina Basketball team
● Turkish Jazz Week
● Aferdita Paqarada Event
● Streetball Kosova
● Turkish Artists of Kosovo
● Multinational Association of Kosovo
● Sports Federation Workers of Kosovo
● Blind People Sport Federation
● The Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference
● Bashkimi Basketball Club
● Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo - Ankara
● Redo Design Conference
● American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo
● Kosovo National Football Team
● Hasan Pristina Primary School
● Professional Journalists Association of Kosovo
● American Councils for International Education – Kosovo