Procurement and Contract Management Unit

Procurement and Contract Management Unit is responsible for purchasing necessary goods and services according to the needs of the respective requesting units within LIMAK Kosovo International Airport J.S.C. It facilitates the procurement process through evaluating the best offers on the market and comparing them, thus improving the overall business by ensuring the best outcome is reached through large- or small-scale purchases.

This unit also manages and implements Commercial Contracts to ensure a continuous business development, including aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities of Limak Kosovo International Airport J.S.C.

The Procurement and Contract Management Unit negotiates the terms and conditions of all commercial and advertisement contracts, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation

Procurement and Contract Management Contact Details:

Procurement & Contract Manager
Ms. Begüm Uzun

Procurement & Contract Management Supervisor
Ms. Jehona Qorri