Airport Facts

Operating Hours - 24 hours

Runway system - RWY 17/35, Capable of handling aircrafts with high MTOW’s A.C.N. values up to 65 R/C/W/T.

RWY 17/35- 3040 meters.

Aircrafts types operate: AN-124, IL62, DC-10F. VC-10, Il76, A320 family, B727, B737-800, A330, A340 etc.

Fire Category 8

Landing instruments

No ATC congestion
No noise restriction
Fast turnaround due to terminal proximity to A/C parking stand

Airport dimensions and related information
Reference point (WGS84)

Aerodrome elevation and Geoid’s undulation
545,4 meters

Elevation of each threshold and Geoid’s undulation
RWY 17 545.25m / 1789ft
RWY 35 546.50m / 1793ft
Elevation of runway ends
RWY 17 545.25m / 1789ft
RWY 35 546.50m / 1793ft

Significant high and low points along runway
High: Threshold of runway 17 545.25m / 1789ft
Low: 1350m from threshold of runway 17 540.80m / 1774ft