Pristina Airport invests in latest technology systems for passenger processing

Prishtina, 7 July 2018 - In order to increase efficiency in operations, avoidance of delays and consequently increase passenger satisfaction, Limak company which manages Prishtina International Airport "Adem Jashari" has now implemented the most advanced systems for processing passengers and their luggage.

Thanks to the Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control solution (DCS) as well as the Amadeus’ cloud-based Baggage Reconciliation System, Pristina Airport has reduced operational costs by 20 percent over the past two months, and at the same time has increased the performance of passenger handling and handling of aircrafts on the ground. “As we continue to grow our passenger numbers, open new routes and attract airlines, it is vital that we operate a cost efficient, agile and reliable operations, underpinned by a fully integrated suite of solutions. That is why we have chosen both the Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control and Amadeus BRS solutions. Working with Amadeus supports us in our mission to provide a sustainable, safe and secure environment and to increase the service level quality for our customers continuously. I’m also pleased that thanks to these solutions our operational costs are falling, while keeping our airlines customers happy too.” – said Gökmen Aritay, Director of Operations at Limak Kosovo Internaitonal Airport J.S.C.

“We are thrilled that one of the most successful and innovative airports in the Balkans, known for its operational excellence and commitment to customer services, has adopted solutions which are further enhancing the quality and efficiency of core airport operations. These improvements are already driving down costs and ensuring a less stressful experience for passengers.” – stated Yannick Beunardeau, Head of Airport IT EMEA at Amadeus.