Important announcement!!!

Dear Passengers,
We inform you with additional procedures during your travel through PIA 'Adem Jashari ', effective from 23 August 2021.

-All passengers must be at the airport 2 hours before the flight.

-All passengers must prepare the Country Entry Form, based on destination countries. You may find the QR code and links on the digital forms for each country at the entrance of the airport terminal, or you can find them on our website prior your arrival at the airport.

-All passengers must have a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours by flight time, or a negative antigen test no older than 48 hours by flight time, or a vaccination card of 2 dosages of vaccine. Vaccines must be EU-accepted vaccines and shall have passed 14 days after the second dosage. On the changes from these rules please check the country/destination requirements.

-All passengers must prepare almost all required documents and have them in hand to present to our staff at the time of their presentation.

- Passengers who are unable to show the requested documents at the entrance of the airport terminal must leave the queue and after completing documents shall re-align again.

- Further, we are kindly asking you to check the counters (check-in) based on the airline and the flight number and not only the destination, because it may happen that at the same time there are flights to the same destination and by not checking correctly number of the flight you might end up waiting in the wrong queue and counter, thus you will be late for the right flight. The same should be applied while standing in the line at the exit towards the airplane.

- On visa procedures, additional travel documents during the pandemic, please always refer to the information published on the website of the Embassies of the respective countries.

- Please keep in mind the previously published rules for wearing masks, reception and escort of the passengers.

Also, we are kindly asking for your understanding and respecting the above-mentioned procedures!