PIA "Adem Jashari" reduces the emitted carbon level by 23%

PRISTINA, 17 August 2018 – The development of environment-friendly practices in order to protect the environment remains one of the hardest challenges in the aviation industry. Being aware of the corporates’ impact on the environment they operate at, the Limak company that manages PIA "Adem Jashari" has been implementing managing programs that have contributed on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions for several years. In addition, PIA "Adem Jashari" has deepened its cooperation with other partners by encouraging them to be part of these programs so that all together can contribute to a cleaner environment.

As a result, Airport Carbon Accreditation has upgraded PIA "Adem Jashari" at the third level (Optimization) for successful management of gases. Through these eco-friendly policies, it has been achieved the reduction of carbon per passenger by 23% (ton CO2 / passenger), while in total it has been reduced by 6% (ton CO2). The upgrade of PIA "Adem Jashari" at the third level of this program places it among 19-member airports from 10 different European countries. Airport Carbon Accreditation is a program administered by the international advisory company WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, appointed by the International Airport Council in Europe, which represents about 500 airports from 45 European countries.