Travel restrictions due to COVID19

Pristina Airport has implemented numerous health protection measures to ensure that passengers can travel safely and comfortably.

Due to the spread of COVID19, we kindly ask passengers who have symptoms and feel that they may be infected, to avoid traveling from Pristina International Airport, as they will be refused to travel

Changes in passenger processes / Check IN

1. No one will be allowed into the Terminal without wearing mask.

2. Please be present 3 ( three) hours prior your departure flight.

3. Please follow the advices of staff. Passengers refusing to follow those rules or any other rules from the airlines might be refused to flight.

4. Please print your ticket or show your ticket in your mobile phone at entrance of the Terminal.

5. Passengers who needs a companion (elderly, reduced mobility, UM etc.) shall be allowed until the check in counters with only 1 (one) another accompanying person only.

6. Whoever enters the Terminal their body temperature shall be checked. If any over temperature condition might be determined the case shall be handed over to the National Health Agency and passenger shall not be allowed to enter the Terminal and not be allowed to fly.

Protecting yourself and others :

1.Starting from the carpark, during check in, screening and passport control queues, custom control queues etc. minimum 2 meter rule are applied all the time. 2 meter distance signs are fixed on the ground. All other warnings might be on Info Boards, Flight Info screens and announcements as well.

2. Please use the disinfectant cabinet at the entrance of the terminal.

3. Please follow the rules, especially using of masks and social distancing and follow the advice of staff.

4. Please keep the distance to 2 meter and follow the set instructions.

5. Greeters during current restrictions will not be allowed to enter the Terminal building.

6. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap.

7. Please avoid shaking hands

8. Please use online check-in possibilities as much as possible before arriving to the airport.

For your safety

Pristina International Airport is taking extensive measures to ensure that our passengers can travel safely during the time of COVID19.

1. Protective panels are placed in between passengers and employees at check-in counters.

2. Barriers and floor markings before check-in

3. Regular announcements in Albanian, English and in Serbian language, posters and staff presence in the terminals to inform passengers about the new rules.

4. The distance between the seating groups at departure Gates area shall be minimum 2 meter, none of them shall be faced to each other

5. At boarding queues , the 2 meter sign is fixed on the ground

(Departure Gate)

6. On arrival please follow the rules by keeping 2 meters distance and follow the instructions.

Please leave the terminal as soon as you have collected your baggage.

(Passport Control)

(Baggage claiming area)

Information for foreign citizens in terms of entering the Republic of Kosovo

Entries of foreign and local citizens into the territory of the Republic of Kosovo

Decision (No. 01/07) of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo on general and special measures to control, prevent and combat the COVID-19 pandemic

1. This decision applies to the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

2. A foreign citizen entering the Republic of Kosovo, including those with a temporary or permanent residence permit in Kosovo, who comes from a high-risk country, according to the official ECDC list, must have a negative RT-PCR test for COVID-19 done in the last 72 hours, based on the principle of reciprocity.

3. Exceptions to point 2 include:

3.1. If a foreign citizen enters Kosovo through the airport or through land border points and leaves Kosovo within 3 hours through the airport or land border points, provided that, at the entrance, he/she signs the statement that he/she will leave Kosovo within 3 hours;

3.2. The foreign citizens working as professional transporters (drivers), provided that they comply with the protocol for international transport for protection against COVID-19;

3.3. The foreign citizen passing in transit through Kosovo by means of organized transport, i.e. by bus or regular international line, provided that the declaration is signed that he/she will leave the territory of Kosovo within 5 hours;

3.4. Foreign diplomats accredited in Kosovo and their families.

3.5. The person who has evidence of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

In Decision No. 01/07, dated 18.04.2021, the following points are added:

3A. Entry into the Republic of Kosovo is prohibited for persons coming from India, Brazil and South Africa.

3A.1 Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo coming from India, Brazil and South Africa must be quarantined in their homes (place of residence) for fourteen (14) days and be tested twice a week.

3A.2 Point 3A.1 does not apply to citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who stay in transit (less than 48 hours) in the countries defined in point 3A.1 of this Decision.

3A.3 Foreign diplomats as well as their family members are excluded from the scope of point 3A of this Decision.